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Omega UPS Division strictly concentrates on UPS back-up power solutions. The high-tech industry
depends on un-interruptible power to help keep its business up and running during a critical time.
Omega Electric has teamed up with several leading UPS retailers to help assign the proper vendor
for you.

If you are in need of a UPS system to rent, lease, or purchase whether new or refurbished, we can
help set you up. If your annual maintenance contract is out dated, let us know, we can even help
set you up with a battery monitoring system.

Look to Omega Electric to solve your UPS problems. We can help determine the caliber of UPS
that your business needs. We will walk you through load calculations for your system, measure
current draw on your panels, and once all our data is collected, we can then pin-point the size of
UPS that you will need to meet your budget.

With redundant battery racks, we can prolong your UPS up-time, whether it's a 5 or a 30 minute
power outage... We have solutions that will meet your needs.

We offer turnkey solutions and have plenty of direct resources.  We have worked with all the
leading brands of UPS systems and are always expanding our knowledge of new technology.

If you currently have a UPS system and are in need of battery replacement... Contact us with your
specifications. In need of a By-pass switch, UPS upgrade, or a panel upgrade? Don't know how to
size your new UPS system? Omega Electric has all the solutions to keep your business up and

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We are a leading installer of UPS systems for some of the major retailers across the nation.
Omega Electric specializes in UPS systems and will coordinate with all parties to complete an install
from day one to the final start-up of your system.
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UPS and By-Pass with Redundant Battery Rack
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